Am I Pregnant?

Am I Pregnant? By Maria Gonzalez

Am I pregnant? This is often one of the most important questions a women can ask. If you suspect you are pregnant, getting good prenatal care early is very important, so finding out as soon as possible is vital.

Am I pregnant? Have you missed a period? Are you bloated? Are your breasts tender? These may be early symptoms of pregnancy. Have you spotted, but never gotten your period? Do things smell and taste differently? Are you tired?

If you can answer yes to at least one or two of these questions, you may be pregnant. However, some women never suspect that they have conceived. As soon as your period is late, you can perform an at-home pregnancy test inexpensively and privately. These tests can be found at your local discount or drug store. The at-home tests claim 99% accuracy, and false positives are rare, so if you test positive you are most likely pregnant. Since these tests measure the level of pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your urine, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and repeat a negative test a few days to a week later just to be sure. Sometimes hormone levels don’t rise high enough to be detected right away.

If you suspect you are pregnant, refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs until you are sure. These substances are harmful to a developing baby. Stay away from x-rays and try to eat healthy until your pregnancy is confirmed.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funny Pregnancy Tips Pics for Mommies on crack

Do's And Don'ts - Helpful Pregnancy Tips For Mommies on crack

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watch the real pics below

Do take prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Medical studies have

demonstrated that folic acid can help to prevent birth defects. Many women may

have a deficiency of folic acid. Your doctor will recommend that you take a

prenatal vitamin with folic acid and you will want to be sure to follow that

advice. There are many brands of prenatal vitamins available at most grocery stores
or health food stores.

Don't smoke tobacco. Tobacco has been found to be harmful to

pregnant women and their babies. Do avoid second hand smoke as much

as possible.

Do learn about pregnancy information, and what to expect in your

pregnancy each week, month, and trimester. Look these topics up online, read books and talk to your doctor about any

pregnancy related questions you may have.

Don't lift heavy objects or do strenuous labor. While it is a great

idea to do mild exercise like walking, this is not a time for seeing how much

weight you can lift at the gym. Read Fit Pregnancy magazine for ideas on

maintaining your ideal pregnancy weight.

Do eat health foods. Everything you eat has a positive or negative

effect upon the growing baby in your womb. Feed your baby health foods,

fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, brown rice, whole grain breads, lean chicken, milk, yogurt, etc.

Don't drink alcohol. It is best to abstain and not have any. Although

some doctors say it is okay to have one glass of wine with dinner on the

weekend, be sure to ask your own doctor about your particular body and

individual health situation.

Do enjoy being a mom. This is a magical and special time in your

life. Rather than stress out about the outcome, be sure to enjoy the journey.

Your baby will feel happy and healthy if you are feeling happy and healthy.

Watch some funny shows on television and have a good laugh. Read some

entertaining books, and listen to some pleasant music and sing along.

Smile and rub your belly, while you talk to you baby and say "I love you."