Am I Pregnant?

Am I Pregnant? By Maria Gonzalez

Am I pregnant? This is often one of the most important questions a women can ask. If you suspect you are pregnant, getting good prenatal care early is very important, so finding out as soon as possible is vital.

Am I pregnant? Have you missed a period? Are you bloated? Are your breasts tender? These may be early symptoms of pregnancy. Have you spotted, but never gotten your period? Do things smell and taste differently? Are you tired?

If you can answer yes to at least one or two of these questions, you may be pregnant. However, some women never suspect that they have conceived. As soon as your period is late, you can perform an at-home pregnancy test inexpensively and privately. These tests can be found at your local discount or drug store. The at-home tests claim 99% accuracy, and false positives are rare, so if you test positive you are most likely pregnant. Since these tests measure the level of pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your urine, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and repeat a negative test a few days to a week later just to be sure. Sometimes hormone levels don’t rise high enough to be detected right away.

If you suspect you are pregnant, refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs until you are sure. These substances are harmful to a developing baby. Stay away from x-rays and try to eat healthy until your pregnancy is confirmed.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Can I Get Pregnant - 5 Healthy Tips To Further Your Chances

How Can I Get Pregnant - 5 Healthy Tips To Further Your Chances
By Phil Penn

As I've mentioned in another article, how can I get pregnant presents many more answers that can be answered in one go effectively. In this article I want to touch on additional things you can do which will support your chances of pregnancy.

1) Get your weight in check. Sometimes I think Doctors may say this because it's a way of getting you to diet but normally, in order to lose some weight and get in shape, you will need to do some exercise. You can forgive them for suggesting this because I believe if you are healthier by working out and eating healthy food, then your body is going to be better conditioned for making a baby. Why not get the man involved as well as a healthy body will produce a better sperm count. Not forgetting that intercourse is pretty good exercise in its own right.

2) Buy some sexy clothing. This might sound silly but it's easy to get too focused on the mechanics of making a baby and forget about the love making part of intercourse. If you are feeling sexy then you will be more relaxed and the female having orgasms can also increase the chances of conceiving.

3) If you are actively trying for a baby then it's advisable to take Folic acid which is a synthetic form of folate, a B vitamin that can help reduce the risk of serious birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord. For this reason, the FDA recommends that all women attempting pregnancy take folic acid supplements for decreasing chances of birth defects. If you're already asking how can I get pregnant, then you should start to consider talking to your Doctor about Folic acid.

4) If you are finding it hard to work out the ovulation time then another good approach is to have intercourse 2 or 3 times a week throughout the whole month, this way you are covering your bases and giving a good even chance of becoming pregnant. This will also make the process feel a lot more natural rather than scientific!

5) Take some time out for yourself. This could just be taking a nice long bath, or relaxing in the garden with a book, or whatever helps you relax. If you give yourself a chance to relax then it can help your body loosen up and become more susceptible to conceiving.

Please take some comfort in knowing that even if you do everything right, it can still take months of trying to conceive. It's easy to say but try not to let it get to you and if it's feeling like a chore, take a break and take the time to relax. At best you have a 25% chance of conceiving so don't worry if it doesn't happen straight away. How can I get pregnant is something that is being asked by many people right now all around the world.

If you've seached the internet for answers to how can I get pregnant fast then let me show you that by clicking here you will find the one resource that will give you everything you need to know to maximise your chances of conceiving a baby.